The next post will be on or before Thursday 21st February


1.Which world-famous band who sang in English had a name in a foreign language that included the imperative of the verb ‘to kiss’?

2. In which language does the word ‘dashuri’ mean ‘love’?

3. A Victorian author from London wrote a novel in which an obscure Cumbrian seaside village provided the romantic denouement. Give the name of the author, the novel and the seaside village

4. Which US singer had 2 romantic hits which started with the words ‘Take’ and ‘More’ respectively. (Give away clue. One of his names sounds like a single letter of the alphabet)

5.Why would a stick of celery have romantic associations (keep it clean)?

6. Which author of a famous sex manual filed for divorce claiming that the marriage had never been consummated?

7. Which self-professed anarchist believed that serious lovers should think in culinary gourmet terms?

NB There are only 7 questions as 7 is a more romantic number than 10!

Answers to

The correct answers and the name of the first person to get all or most answers will be printed on or before Thursday the 21st February. The winner will receive signed copies of 2 of my novels…

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